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Class: 6

Theme: Travelling



1. Активизировать в речи учащихся структуры типа I like to travel by car. I prefer travelling on


2. Развивать коммуникативные навыки по теме «Travelling»

3. Расширить страноведческий кругозор учащихся. Воспитывать у учащихся уважительное

отношение к своей Родине, чувство гордости за свой край.

4. Формировать положительное отношение к пешему туризму.

1). Приветствие. Организационный момент.

T: Today we are going to travel.

What is the date of our travelling? (Day, weather)

Cl: Date. Day. Weather.
2). Warming up.

Let us see if you are ready for our travelling.

We’ll start with poems. What poems about travelling do you know?

(Учащиеся рассказывают стихи, которые учили раннее.)
Poems: 1. I like to travel

By plane or on foot,

To see new places

That’s really good.

2. Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream

Merrily (4 times)

Life is but a dream.
3. Over the mountains,

Over the plains,

Over the rivers

Here come trains

Carrying passengers,

Carrying mail,

Over the country

Here come trains.

3) T: What kinds of travelling do you know?

Cl: Travelling by bus, by car, on foot, etc.

Work in groups. Ask your friends what kind of travelling they like or they don’t like.

(use the table on the blackboard and your books)

4) Make up sent – s using the information you’ve got.
Подстановочная таблица на экране.

I like (s) by car

He, she prefer (s) to travel by bus pictures on the blackboard

We don’t like travelling by ship

They doesn’t like by plane

My friend by helicopter

on foot

P1: I like to travel on foot.

My friend Gena likes travelling by ship.

P2: I prefer travelling by plane.
^ 5) Group work. Projects.

Опережающее задание: группы показывают материал, подготовленный заранее.

Защита проектов:

T: Now I think you are ready for our travelling. The weather is bad, but I hope that our travelling will be successful. Let us start.

Here are 3 groups. What kinds of travelling have you chosen?

Gr.№ 1: We are going to travel on foot. We’ve chosen Biysk and some interesting places of the Altai Territory.

Gr. № 2: We prefer travelling by car about our country. We’d like to visit Moscow.

Gr№ 3: We want to travel by plane.

We are going to visit the capital of Great Britain – London.
T: Your task is to tell us about this kind of travelling, its advantages and disadvantages, about the places you are going to visit.
^ На экране:

By plane Travelling by car

London Moscow

On foot

Biysk, Altai Territory

Group № 1

P1 – about Travelling on foot

P2 – about Biysk. ( You can know a lot of interesting information about our town from this book)

P3 – Altai Territory

P4 – комментирование видеофильма. (Now let’s see the film about Biysk and some beautiful places of our region.

Biysk has a long and interesting history. It was founded in 1709. There are a lot of museums in our town. Some of them you can see in our film.

And this is our drama theatre. They show interesting plays here.

There are many other beautiful places in our town such as , parks, squares, modern cinemas and supermarkets.

But the most beautiful thing is the nature of our region. You can see some beautiful places on the screen.

Group № 2
P1, 2 – Russia

We want to travel by car about our country. ( рассказ о стране с использованием карты)

P3 – Moscow

P4 – St.Petersburg (показ фотоальбома)

Last summer I visited St.Petersburg with my mother. We saw a lot of beautiful and modern places of our north capital.

Here are some photos. (комментирование снимков)

Group № 3

P 1, 2 – Travelling by car or on foot you can’t visit such places as London.

P3, 4 – the sights of London. (рассказ о достопримечательностях Лондона)

6) T: Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these kinds of Travelling.

(Учащиеся показывают свои проекты)
1. Travelling on foot


It is romantic

It is interesting

It is pleasure and exercise

It is useful for health

It is the cheapest way of Travelling

You needn’t think about tickets and timetables
It may be dangerous

It depends on weather

2. Travelling by car.
It is comfortable

It is interesting and romantic

You can stand at any place you like

You needn’t think about tickets and timetables


It may be dangerous

You need a lot of petrol

It depends on roads.

3. Travelling by plane.
It is the most comfortable way of travelling.

It is the fastest way of travelling

It is romantic to fly in the sky like birds


It is the most expensive way of travelling.

It depends on weather.

7) The results.

T: I think all groups have shown us the advantages and disadvantages of their way of travelling.

They’ve given us a lot of interesting information about Altai, Biysk, Moscow, London.

We can see that travelling on foot has more advantages then other ways of travelling.

And the most important thing is that it is useful for our health.
Подведение итогов работы учащихся.

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