Дополнительные материалы для студентов 1-го курса Intermediate москва 2008

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НазваниеДополнительные материалы для студентов 1-го курса Intermediate москва 2008
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Московский физико-технический институт

(государственный университет)


для студентов 1-го курса


министерство образования и науки российской федерации

Федеральное агентство по образованию

Государственное образовательное учреждение

высшего профессионального образования

Московский физико-технический институт

(государственный университет)
Кафедра иностранных языков

для студентов 1-го курса



Составители Н.Ю. Псурцева, O.А. Камчатнова

ЛАБОРАТОРНЫЕ РАБОТЫ ПО ПЕРЕВОДУ (для студентов 3-го курса) / Сост. Н.Ю. Псурцева. М.: МФТИ, 2008. – 60 с.

^ Дополнительные материалы

для студентов 1 курса

Составители Псурцева Наталья Юрьевна

Камчатнова Ольга Александровна

Корректор ^ В.А. Дружинина

Подписано в печать Формат 60 х 841/16. Бумага офсетная. Печать офсетная. Усл. печ. л. 1,68 Уч.-изд. л. 1,58 Тираж 990 экз. Заказ №
Государственное образовательное учреждение

высшего профессионального образования

Московский физико-технический институт

(государственный университет)

Отдел автоматизированных издательских систем «физтех-полиграф»

141700, Московская обл., г. Долгопрудный, Институтский пер., 9

© Московский физико-технический институт, (государственный университет), 2008
^ Активная лексика

Active vocabulary, Breakthrough 2, Unit 1.

1) since [sins] - 1) с тех пор как
I haven’t seen him since 1998.

2) так как
Since we have no money we can’t buy it.

2) whenever - когда бы ни, всякий раз когда
Whenever I hear this song I smile.

whatever – что бы ни, какой бы ни

Whatever you do, do it well. He goes jogging whatever the weather.

3) spirits – настроение
He is in high spirits today, isn’t he?

4) (bad, weak, good) points – (зд.) черты, особенности
Your plan has some weak points.(недостатки)

5) as well as – а так же

He gave me money as well as advice.

6) to discover – открывать
William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781.

a discovery –
7) to afford something –позволить себе
They can’t afford such expensive holidays.

8) exciting, - волнующий, захватывающий
It will be an exciting adventure!

excitement – волнение

In his excitement, he rushed out and forgot his keys.

9) to win a fortune - выиграть огромную сумму

to make a fortune – сколотить состояние

to spend a fortune – тратить огромную сумму

He spends a fortune on books.

10) an opportunity – возможность

Do you have much opportunity to speak English?

to take an opportunity – воспользоваться случаем

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help.

11) to say nothing of – не говоря уже о…

He speaks Japanese and Chinese, to say nothing of English.

12) spectacular – впечатляющий, поразительный

We have a spectacular view of the mountains from our room.

13) breath [e] - дыхание

breathtaking (views) – захватывающий дух, поразительный

14) to experience – испытать, пережить

This company is experiencing some problems at the moment.

15) as far as I know- насколько я знаю

As far as I know, he is very busy now.

16) to explore – исследовать

Columbus discovered America but didn’t explore the new continent.

17) a way to do (of doing) – способ сделать ч-л.

There are so many ways of cooking chicken!

18) accommodation (uncount)– жильё, место где остановиться

The hotel has accommodation for 100 people.

19) to book (accommodation, a ticket) – заказать

I’d like to book a table for 8 o’clock.

20) to deliver – доставить

A postman is a man who delivers letters.

21) infinite [`infinit ] - бесконечный

22) variety[ vә`raiәti ] – разнообразие, множество

People study yoga for a variety of reasons.

23) either…or – или…или

You must answer either «yes» or «no».

24) tiring – утомительный; tired – утомлённый, уставший

These lectures are so tiring! I am so tired!

Compare: boring (bored), interesting (interested)

25) to keep somebody company – составить компанию

Would you like to stay and keep me company?

26) turn – очередь; in turn – по-очереди

It’s your turn to wash the dishes.

27) to miss a chance (an opportunity) – упустить случай

Don’t miss this opportunity to speak to him!

28) stretch – тянуть(ся)

to stretch your legs – размять ноги, прогуляться

29) after all – в конце концов, всё- таки

I’m not very ambitious. After all, money isn’t everything.

30) comfort – comfortable [`k۸mfәtәbl ] - (удобство – удобный)

31) safety - safe (безопасность – безопасный)

It isn’t safe to stay here.

32) to suffer from – страдать от

This region suffers from serious water pollution.

33) lag - отставание, отставать

Come on, you two, stop lagging behind!

a jet – реактивный самолёт

a jet lag – нарушение режима из-за смены часовых поясов

34) whether – ли (не путать с weather)

I don’t know whether he is at home. (Я не знаю, дома ли он.)

whether … or… - независимо от того,

Whether he likes it or not, he will go by plane.

The journey, whether by train or by car, takes about 4 hours.

35) to save(up)(money) – копить

He is saving up for a new car. They saved 500 $ for their holiday.

36) expenses – расходы

The company pays all our traveling expenses.

37) to come true – осуществиться

At last his dream came true.

38) Travelling: to travel by plane (by train, by bus, by car, by boat, by ship, on foot)

to take a train (a bus) to…

to get on a train (a plane, a bus), to get into a car; to get off a train (a bus), to get out of a car

to see the sights – осматривать достопримечательности

places of interest - The city has a lot of museums and other places of interest.

to go on a trip (a journey, an excursion) to…, to go on a walking tour (a sightseeing tour) to…

a tour guide [gaid] - экскурсовод

to go abroad (за границу), to be on holiday, to go on holiday

to book a ticket, to buy a single ticket ( в один конец), a return ticket Br. /round-trip ticket Am.

(train/plane/bus) ticket to London (but ticket for a play/cinema/match)

to travel light(налегке), to take a lot of luggage

to arrive at a place (airport/station/small town), in (a big city/country), to stay at a hotel
^ Active vocabulary, Breakthrough 2, Unit 2.

1) to get together

The whole family usually gets together at Christmas.

2) to wander [ o ] – бродить She likes wandering around the city at night.

3) used to do something – делал что-то раньше; бывало

I don’t play golf now but I used to (play).

4) for a (little) while – ненадолго, на какое-то время

I’d like to stay here for a while.

5) to ride (a horse, on a bicycle) – ехать

He rides to school on his bicycle.

6) to own [ou] - владеть

Who owns this restaurant?

an owner – владелец

Who is the owner of this restaurant?

7) to bump(to run) into smb. – случайно встретить

I ran into your brother in the supermarket.

8) edge – край

He lives on the edge of the forest.

9) the thing is (was) that… - дело в том, что

He didn’t come to their party; the thing was that he was very busy.

10) ability- способность

He is a boy of great ability.

11) to move to… - переехать

They don’t live here any longer; they moved to London 2 years ago.

12) comprehensive – всесторонний

a comprehensive school – общеобразовательная школа

13) extra – дополнительный

You will get extra pay for extra work.

14) activity – деятельность, занятие

The guests of the hotel can enjoy various activities, like surfing and riding.

15) yet -1) до сих пор, ещё

He isn’t married yet. She can’t leave the hospital yet.

2) (не в конце предложения) – однако, всё же

Her advice seems strange, yet I believe she is right.

16) certainly - конечно

17) have to do … - приходиться

He had to work at weekends. I have to get up early.

18) to allow [au] - разрешать

She doesn’t allow her son to go to Moscow alone.

to be allowed to do.. – разрешаться

You are not allowed to smoke here. (Smoking isn’t allowed.)

19) none (of them) [ ۸ ] - никто, ничто

Compare: Nobody helped him. None of his friends helped him.

20) once – a) однажды, b) как только, когда

Once you know him, you’ll change your opinion of him

21) to pretend – 1) притворяться

She pretended to be asleep.

2) играть в; воображать себя

The children are pretending to be astronauts.

22) to mention – упоминать

He didn’t mention her at all. I’ll mention it to him if I see him.

23) embarrassed [im′bærәst]- смущённый

I felt so embarrassed about this mistake.

24) as for – что касается…

As for me, I don’t like horror films.

25) frankly… - откровенно (говоря)

Frankly, I think you are wrong.

26) to freeze – замерзать

The lake freezes in winter.

freezing – очень холодный

It’s absolutely freezing in here.

27) to stand smth. – терпеть, выносить ч-л.

How can you stand all that noise? I can’t stand getting up early.

28) miserable [′mizәrәbl] - несчастный

He looked cold and miserable in the rain.

29) cruel [kruәl] - жестокий

30) to play jokes on smb. – шутить над

They decided to play a joke on their teacher.

31) to spill (spilt, spilt) – разливать

I spilt coffee all over my desk.

32) to get into trouble –попасть в неприятную ситуацию

He got into trouble for this joke.

33) to laugh at smb. – смеяться над

He laughed at his friend’s joke. What are you laughing at?

34) to hurt (hurt, hurt) [hə:t]– обижать, задевать, причинять боль

These new boots hurt. I don’t want to hurt you.

35) public – общественный; a public school – дорогая частная школа (только в Британии)

36) largely, mostly – в основном, главным образом

We listen to rock music mostly.

37) a handicap – препятствие, помеха

His past is a handicap to his ambitions.

38) arrogant [′ærəgәnt] – высокомерный

He’s so arrogant; he thinks he is better than other people.

39) snobbish – надменный, относящийся к людям в соответствии с их положением в обществе

40) however - однако

41) otherwise – в остальном, в других отношениях

The rent is high, but otherwise the house is quite good.

42) to add up – складывать

I am not very good at adding up in my head.

43) curious [′kjuәriәs] – любопытный

Are women more curious than men?

44) to go on – продолжать(ся)

Go on reading! He went on reading. The discussion went on.

45) to lean forward [li:n] – наклониться вперёд

He leaned forward to hear what they were saying.

46) to wonder [ ۸ ] - интересоваться, желать знать

I wonder – интересно…

I wonder if (whether) he is at home. I wonder why he thinks so.

47) store – запас (a store of food for the winter)

to be in store – ждать в будущем

None of us knew what was in store for us.

48) Education: to go to school, primary school, secondary school, a form (a grade) - класс (He is in the sixth form now.)

to leave school (закончить), higher education, to enter a university, entrance exams, to graduate from a university,

final exams, to take up post-graduate study (поступить в аспирантуру), a post-graduate student

to attend seminars, to miss lectures, a lecturer, a term (семестр),

a curriculum [kә′rikjulәm]- учебный план, программа (This subject is no longer on the curriculum.)

to take exams, to pass exams, to get a pass (получить зачёт) (She got a pass in her Physics test.)

to do well in an exam (to get a good mark), to fail an exam (провалиться)
^ Active Vocabulary, Breakthrough 2, Unit 3.

1) doubt [ daut ] – сомневаться, сомнение

I don’t doubt that he will come. When in doubt, use your dictionary!

2) to let – позволять

Alice’s mum won’t let her come with us. Let him stay. (Пусть остаётся.)

let’s (let us) – давайте («to» после «let» не употребляется )

Let’s eat now!

3) a source [sO:s] – источник

Books are a source of knowledge.

4) to amaze – изумлять

It amazes me what people will do to get on television.

amazing – изумительный, поразительный

He told me an amazing story.

amazement – изумление

To my amazement he agreed to help.

5) quality – качество, качественный The food is of the highest quality. The restaurant serves only quality food.

6) to ask for smth. – просить ч-л.

He asked me for some money.

7) a bond – связь

Carbon atoms (C) can form bonds with nitrogen (N) and oxygen (O) atoms.

8) a bound [baund] – граница, предел

There are no bounds to man’s imagination.

boundless – безграничный

Her kindness is boundless.

9) skill – мастерство, навык

This course helps people gain the skills they need to run a successful business.

skilled – квалифицированный, искусный

She is skilled in designing web sites.

10) reward [ri′wo:d] – награда, награждать

Police are offering a reward for information about him.

rewarding – приносящий моральное удовлетворение

Do you find your job rewarding?

11) broad - широкий

to broaden – расширять

This book will broaden your mind.

12) to make a difference – изменить (значительно, в лучшую сторону)

to make no difference – не иметь значения It won’t make any difference whether you go today or tomorrow.

13) to care about – заботиться, интересоваться, беспокоиться

I don’t care about his opinion.

14) path [pa:θ] - дорожка, путь

Our paths first crossed when we were students.

15) to wait for – ждать к-л.
Shall we start eating or shall we wait for the others? Who are you waiting for?

16) definitely [′definitli] – определённо

I am definitely not going there with you!

17) to gain (qualification) – получить, приобрести

She hopes to gain experience by working abroad for a year.

18) previous [′pri:vjәs]– предыдущий

The previous exercise was much easier than this one.

19) to employ – дать работу, нанять на работу

They employed a new computer programmer.

an employer [im′ploiә]– работодатель

This factory is the largest employer in this area.

an employee [emploi′i:] – работник

Their employees work 10 hours a day.

20) background – фон (зд. опыт, образование, прошлое)

His musical background helps him a lot in his job.

21) particular [pә′tikjulә] – конкретный, особый, именно этот

I am very interested in this particular problem.

22) the very – самый, тот самый, именно тот

How did you know that it was the very thing I wanted?

23) to supply with smth. [sә′plai] – снабжать ч-л.

He supplied them with food and water.

24) a list – список

I can’t see my name on the list.

25) favourable [′feivәrәbl] – благоприятный

We will go to the country if the weather is favourable.

26) to produce an impression on smb. – произвести впечатление

His speech made a very strong impression on us.

27) value – ценить, ценность

The value of this painting is not known.

invaluable [in′væljuəbl] – бесценный

The Internet is an invaluable resource for students.

28) numerous [′nju:mərәs] – многочисленный

29) technique [ tek′ni:k ] – метод

He is studying modern techniques of business management.

30) to attend – посещать

All children over 6 must attend school.

31) to suit – подходить, быть удобным

I work part time and it suits me fine. Dark colours suit her best.

suitable [′sju:tәbl] – подходящий

This film isn’t suitable for young children.

32) the use of… - зд. польза, смысл

What’s the use of talking about it? It’s no use crying over spilt milk.

33) to advertise [′ædvətaiz ]- рекламировать

This perfume is advertised in many women’s magazines

an advertisement [əd′və:tismənt]- объявление

34) tiny [′taini] - крошечный

35) to be about to do smth – собираться сделать ч-л.

I was about to go to bed when the telephone rang.

36) to dial a number [daiəl]– набрать номер

He dialed her number but the line was engaged.

37) to be engaged – быть занятым ч-л.

He was engaged in writing letters. My time is fully engaged.

38) to get through – дозвониться

I can’t get through to him because the line is engaged.

39) fiction (non-fiction) stories – худ. и документ. рассказы

40) to interrupt – перебивать, прерывать

Please, don’t interrupt her when she is working.

41) polite [pə′lait] - вежливый

42) the rest of… - остальные, оставшаяся часть

We spent the rest of the day at home.

43) to expect – ожидать, предполагать

I expect to be back on Sunday.

44) to arrange – 1) устроить, организовать

I am trying to arrange a meeting with their director.

2) расположить (красиво, по порядку)

Let’s arrange the dishes on the table.

45) ^ Job: a vacancy for a job, to apply for a job - обратиться по поводу приёма на работу, to fill in an application form,

to have an interview, an interviewer, to have qualification and experience, salary (зарплата), to earn money,

to write a CV( curriculum vitae) – написать резюме, to be unemployed, a part-time (full-time) job,

to work in shifts (по сменам), to work the night shift, to be promoted, to get promotion, working conditions

career prospects [kə′riə] -перспективы карьерного роста, to be sacked (to be fired) -быть уволенным, to retire - уйти на пенсию, he is retired [ri′taiəd] - он на пенсии, colleagues [ ′kOli:gz], a creative job [kri:′eitiv](творческая), challenging - (трудная, но интересная), well-paid, badly-paid, boring.
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