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Сценарий урока по теме «Путешествие в Шотландию»

Цели урока:

Познавательный аспект

-ознакомление с историей традиционного шотландского костюма

-ознакомление с традиционным музыкальным инструментом шотландцев

-ознакомление с известными писателями и поэтами Шотландии

-Ознакомление со столицей Шотландии

Развивающий аспект :

-Развитие коммуникативных навыков на основе формирования лингвострановедческой компетенции.

- развитие умения обобщать, систематизировать, сравнивать полученную информацию

- развитие наглядно- образного, абстрактно-логического, конкретно-ситуативного мышления

- развитие творческих способностей учащихся и личностного потенциала

- развитие навыков группового краткосрочного проектирования


-Приобщение школьников к межкультурному взаимодействию.

- воспитание уважения и стремления понять иноязычную культуру

- воспитание умения сопоставлять факты родной и иноязычной культуры

^ Задачи урока:

-Закрепление изученного и усвоение нового материала по теме

-развитие всех видов речевой деятельности: аудирования, говорения, чтения, письма.

- развитие навыков перевода.

^ Оснащение урока:

- раздаточный материал, видеофрагменты фильма «Шотландия»

- ТСО: компьютер, проектор, презентация «Шотландия», аудиозаписи, газета-коллаж,

Ход урока.

1.Организационный момент.

T:Good morning, my dear. I am glad to see you again. How are you? Today is the 21th of December. Look at the window! It’s winter. Do you like to travel in winter?

^ 2. Введение в тему.

T: One of the ways to learn about the world is travelling.

Why do people travel?

Everybody has its own reasons. Look at the scheme and complete it.

Give your reasons.

Слайд “Why do people travel?”

Ответы учащихся:

-to discover new places;

-to see sights;

-to know customs;

-to visit new places;

-to make friends;

-to meet people и т.д.

^ 4.T: We are going to travel today.

Let’s begin with the proverbs about travelling. Match two parts and read them:

Учащиеся составляют из карточек пословицы(2 группы-кто быстрее):

There is no place like home.

The wider we roam the welcomer is home.

Every country has its customs.

East or west, home is best.

^ 5. T:Look at the map of the UK.

Слайд-карта Британии

How many countries are there in the UK? Name these countries.

Today we’ll travel to one of them. And you’ll guess what country is it.

(Слайд-What country is it? Затем –Some facts).

Учащиеся читают и угадывают, какая это страна.

T: The theme of our lesson is Scotland.

^ 6. What do you know about this beautiful country?

Ответы учащихся:

-I know that Scotland is a beautiful country.

-Scotland is a part of Great Britain.

-Scotts are proud and independent people.

-the thistle is the symbol of Scotland.т. д.

Would you like to visit it one day?

^ 7. What would you learn about Scotland?

Ответы учащихся:

- some facts from the history;

-about the national music instrument;

-about the national dress of Scotts;

-about great poets. и т.д

T: Well done.

^ 8. I believe all of you dream of visiting Scotland.

We’ll travel by plane.

9. Meet our characters.

- These young boy and girl are students of the Cambridge University. Nice to meet you, Sam and Kate.

-And this young man is a poet. I am glad to see you, Mr. Smith.

This is M. Pohl, a historian. Hello, Mr .Pohl.

Oh, I see our travel agents Alice and Tom. Nice to meet you, dear friends. Do you often travel to Scotland?

Let me introduce the most popular fashion designer. I am glad to see you again, Ms.Donald.

Mister Jackson is a composer. How are you?

This is Mr.Brown, our pilot

1 учащийся(композитор) получает индивидуальное задание.

I’ll give you a special task,Mr.Jackson. Read this text and tell everybody some interesting facts.

^ 10. Let’s start our travelling.

T: How are you, Mr.Pohl? Are you interested in history of Scotland?

Слайд-Принц Чарльз

-Certainly. Scotts are very proud and independent people. At the beginning of the 18th century Scotland and England were united.

But Scotts fought for the independent of their country. Prince Charles Edward Stewart, who was known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, fought against the English in the 18th century, trying to make Scotland independent.

Charlie’s army was defeated. Charlie became a national hero and people dedicated him a song. This song is very popular in the country. You can hear it practically everywhere.

T: Thank you … Let’s sing the song “My Bonnie lies over the ocean”.

( Дети поют песню).

^ 11. Have you ever been to Scotland, Mr. Brown?

-Yes, of course.

-Do you like Scotland?

Слайд-Карта Британии

As for me, I was impressed by the beautiful landscapes of this country. Scotland is half the size of England. It is washed in the north and west by the Atlantic ocean, and in the east by the North Sea.

The area of Scotland is 78.800 square kilometers. It is split into two natural regions: the Highlands and Lowlands. In fact two third of Scotland is either mountains or moor land. The climate of Scotland is mild and wet in the west and a little colder and less wet in the east. The population is more than 5 million people. The capital of Scotland is Edinburg. I like this country very much.

^ 12. T: I’d like to offer you a short video.

-Your task is to make a list of words that can help you to describe this country. Work in a group please.

Учащиеся просматривают видеоролик о Шотландии и записывают словосочетания для описания Шотландии.

-beautiful landscapes;

-mountains covered with snow;

-green valleys;

-old castles и т. д.

^ 13. T: Do you like Scotland, Alice?

-Of course.

T: Have you ever been to the capital of this country, Tom?-Yes,I have.

Слайды достопримечательностей городов.

-There are two main cities in Scotland-Glasgow and Edinburg.

Glasgow with its fine buildings, excellent shopping beautiful parks, museums and art galleries attracts thousands of visitors each year. Today Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city.

Edinburg is the capital of Scotland. If you walk around the city you can toch on history at every step. Practically every building has a tale to tell. The two most interesting parts of the city are the Old Town and the New Town. The Old Town lies between the Castle and Holyrood Palace. The Castle hangs over the city like Disney cartoon. The castle, in fact, is older than the city.

The Edinburg military tattoo takes place every August and September and is known over the world. The performers play military music and march to it. The festival started in 1947. A line of streets which runs from the Castle to Holyrood House, is called the Royal Mile. Holyrood House is a big royal palace which is the residence of the Queen when she is in Edinburg. The Palace of Holyrood house stands at the end of Royal Mile. Princess Street is the most beautiful street of the New Town. It has a lot of gardens on one side and it is also Edinburg’s popular shopping center. Princess Street is connected with the name of the famous writer Sir Walter Scott. A monument 200 feet high rises between trees. They call it a poem of stone. It is the Scott Monument.

^ 14.T: Every country has its symbols, emblems, flags, languages and


Would you like to tell about it, dear Sam and Kate.

Слайды: флаг, цветок-символ, святой покровитель страны.

-Hello, dear friends!

Scotland is a beautiful country.

There are two languages in Scotland: English and Gaelic, their own flag, their own patron saint- Saint Andrew and their own symbol. Now I want you to name the symbol of Scotland (a rose -England, a daffodil- Уэльс, a thistle- Scotland or a shamrock Ireland).What flower is the symbol of Scotland?

You are right. For Scotland the thistle is the national emblem since the 15th century. Every school-child in Scotland learns the legend of how the thistle saved the country in the Middle Ages.

The Scotts and the Norsemen were in war. Under cover of darkness the Norsemen managed to land unobserved on the coast of Scotland. Removing their boots, they crept on a bare foot toward the Scottish army. Suddenly a Norse soldier had stepped on a thistle and cried. The Scotts sprang into action and drove the invaders. I like this legend very much.

^ 14. What are you interested in, Ms. Donald?

Слайд: национальный костюм.

-I’m fascinated by the national dress of Scotts. Look at the picture. It is а kilt. It is a skirt with a lot of folds. The kilt is made of material always 100 percent wool. Kilts don’t have pockets, so the bag made of skin is used for keys, money. This bag is known as a “sporran”.

The wearing of tartans is traditional in Scotland. The tartan was worn as a long piece of cloth thrown over the shoulders, two yards wide and four yards long. It was held at the waist by a belt. It was fastened at the shoulder by a brooch.

At the beginning of the 18th century the kilt became popular.

Do you like the national dress of Scotland?

^ 15.T: What are you impressed by reading this text by, Mr. Jackson?

Слайд:волынка. Звучит музыка волынки.

-I was greatly impressed by the national music instrument of Scotland. A bagpipe is its national instrument. The early history of the bagpipe is still unclear. It probably comes from something like hornpipe. Where or when a bag was first attached to one of these instruments is a mystery. The earliest reference to a bagpipe occurs around 400 BC. Pipes take many different types and forms. Bagpipes today are as popular as they have ever been in history. They are used for every kind of festivals.

I ‘d like you to listen to a bagpiper music composition.

Учащиеся слушают звуки волынки.

^ 16.T: Do you like the poetry of Scotland, Mr.Smith?

Слайд : портрет Р.Бёрнса

-Of course. I admire Robert Burns’s poems. Robert Burns is the international poet of the 18 century who sang the praises of his native country’s scenery. The eldest child of William and Agness Burns, Robert was born in Ayrshire in 1759.He grew up poor. Burns started writing poetry at the age of fifteen. But he was 27 when his first book was published in 1786. He was a poet and a song writer in his native Scottish Dialekt. He died at the age of 37. But his poems and songs are very popular in Russia in the wonderful translations of Samuel Marshak.

Scotland is a beautiful country that inspired Robert Burns to write so many wonderful poems about its countryside and people. He felt a special a special bond with the highlands with its mountains.

^ 17. T: Let’s listen to one of his best poems.

( Учащийся читает стихотворение “My heart’s in the Highland”).

18.T: Thank you for your interesting information. Let’s make a short conclusion. Look at the screen.

Samuel Johnson said: “Scotland is worth visiting”. Do you agree?

Make a collage, using these pictures and your word combinations.

Tell us what are you impressed by travelling to Scotland?

Учащиеся готовят группой коллаж и рассказывают, почему Шотландию стоит посетить.

^ Возможные ответы:

-I agree. Scotland is an interesting place to visit. I am impressed by its interesting history, by the legend of the national flower. As for me I’d like to travel to Scotland.

-Scotland is a really beautiful country. As for me I like its national dress, its national music instrument, its songs and dances.

-I think Scotland is a beautiful country with its green Lowlands, blue lakes. But I’d like to travel to the mountains covered with snow and to ski there.

19. Our travelling would be incomplete if we fail to dance the national dance of Scotts.

Учащиеся танцуют танец.

Well done. Thank you.

20. H.W: Sum up everything you have heard, talked about today and prepare the topic “Scotland.”

21. Our travelling is over .Thank you for being active at the lesson. I am very pleased with your work. It was very interesting to listen to you. Your marks are the following…

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