Тема: Праздник «День всех влюбленных»

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Тема: Праздник «День всех влюбленных»

«St. Valentine’s Day»

Ковина Е.В.,

учитель английского языка

St. Valentine’s Day

I. Часть. Today we are going to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. No one really knows the origin of it. There are many legends. According to one this day is connected with an ancient Roman Festival called Lupercalia. This was on February, 15 to honor the patron of husbandry

The next story tells us that St. Valentine was a priest who would marry young couples secretly when the Roman Emperor Claudius 2 forbade marriages. He believed that single man were better soldiers.

Another story tells us about St. Valentine who was a good friend to children. He was against the Roman Gods and that is why he was put in prison. When he was imprisoned the children brought him loving letters. It was on February, 14.

Some people think that is why we give friendly and loving messages to each other on this day. Written valentines began in the 15th century. Paper valentines were especially popular in England. For a long time valentines were made by hand, but at the beginning of the 19th century factories began to make valentines. They were black and white pictures. Some of them were painted by workers in the factory. But most people bought pictures and did their own paintings.

^ There’re many symbols of Valentine’s Day. Listen to the stories about some of them.

Heart. Emotions are feelings such as love, happiness, anger, or fear. A long time ago people believed that all the emotions were found in the heart. In later years they thought only the emotion of love was connected with the heart. The heart is still a symbol of love and because of this; it is also a symbol of Valentine’s Day.

Red Rose. The rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Red is a color that stands for strong feelings. That is why the red rose is a flower of love.

Ribbons. Ribbons go back to the days when ladies gave ribbons to their favorite knights when they went to war.

Lace. Lace comes from a Latin word; it means “to catch”. Lace was supposed to catch the heart of a loved one. Lace is a pretty fabric made by weaving together fine threads. Hundreds of years ago women carried lace handkerchiefs. A man nearby might pick it up and return it to her. Sometimes a woman might see a man she wanted to meet. She might drop her lace handkerchief on purpose to encourage romance. Soon people thought of romance when they thought of lace. They began using paper lace to decorate chocolate boxes and Valentine cards.

Gloves. Years ago when a man proposed marriage to a woman he asked “for her hand”. The hand became the symbol of marriage and love. Soon gloves also became a symbol of love.

Rings. In some countries men and women exchange rings when they became engaged or marry. Two or three hundred years ago Valentine’s Day was a popular day for giving an engagement ring. The ring usually had stone or jewel set in it. Diamonds are common in today engagement rings.

Love knot. A love knot is a series of winding and interlacing loops with no beginning and no end. It is a symbol of endless love. People made love knots from ribbon or drew them on paper. Often, a message was written on the love knot. The message had no beginning or end. It could be repeated endlessly.

Love birds and Doves. Lovebirds are colorful parrots found in Africa. Most have red bills.

They are called love birds because they sit closely together in pairs. Doves were thought to be favorite birds of Venus. They remain with the same mates all their lives. The males and females both care for their babies. As these birds are symbols of loyalty and love they are also symbols of Valentine’s Day.

Cupid. Son of Venus, goddess of love. He could cause people to fall in love by piercing them with one of his magic arrows.

II. Часть. Рассказ о символах дня Св. Валентина сопровождается их показом

St. Valentine’s Day is a Day of love. So many poems were written about love. Let’s listen to some of them. (Учащиеся декламируют выученные стихи)

Poems sound so sweet because they are about love and friendship. Now I suggest you watching the play about the princess and you will know what the most precious thing is: the Love or the Gold.

^ III. Часть.The Princess and the Four Gifts




Her Cousin



Prince of Spades

Prince of Clubs

Prince of Hearts

Prince of Diamonds


Story-teller: Once upon a time, in a far country, there lived a king whose daughter was the prettiest princess in the world. Her eyes were like water in a deep lake, her hair was softer then silk, and her skin was whiter then snow. Since childhood the princess had been surrounded only by the things of beauty.

One day the king decided to give his daughter’s hand in marriage to one of the princes of the four neighboring kingdoms. He sent a message there. The message said: “My daughter will marry the prince who brings the gift she likes the most.” (A room in the King’s palace. King, Princess and Cousin are sitting at one end of a long table.)

Scene 1

Princess: What do you think of it, dear?

Cousin: If you ask me, I think that a gift is not everything. If you really want to choose a good man, Watch his manners and how he expresses his feelings.

Princess: Oh, you’re wise.

(Enter Herald)

Herald: The Prince of spades.

(Enter the Prince of spades with a sword and a massive alarm clock under his arm. He bows, comes up to the table and stands in attention.)

Prince of Spades: Oh, most beautiful princess! I’ve won many battles and I’ve come here to fight for you. Let me offer you my heart and sword and also this alarm clock as gift of my love. Whenever you’re in danger, only press this button here, and my soldiers will come to help you. (He clicks his heels, salutes and leaves)

Princess: Oh, father, I’m afraid of this man. He spoke of battles and dangers and fighting!

King: Come, child, there is no danger. The prince is a brave man, the commander of a big army. You’ll be very safe with him.

Cousin :( with a shrug) It’s funny but you won’t use it, I’m afraid, because it is made of plastic and metal.

Princess: I see, I see.

Herald: The Prince of clubs.

(Enter the Prince of Clubs, an absent-minded looking man wearing spectacles, dressed a bit out of date, with a thick old book. He bows clumsily, puts the book on the table, fumbles in his pockets, produces a scroll of paper and begins to read.)

Prince of clubs: My dearest and beloved lady! I can address you only in verse!

My love is strengthened though more weak in seeming
I love not less, though less the show appear
That love is merchandised whose rich esteeming
The owner’s tongue doth publish everywhere.

^ And here is the ancient Book of Wisdom, my humble present.( Bows low and leaves)

Princess: What a strange man! But he is so polite, and I like his poem. He must be a great poet.

Cousin: Not he! Shakespeare is!

Princess: Oh!

King: Yes, the prince is a very learned man. With him you’ll know everything.

Princess: Do you think, father, that to know everything is necessary for wives?

Herald: The Prince of diamonds.

(Enter the Prince of diamonds, an elegant man, exquisitely dressed, very businesslike and self-assured, with a huge golden box in his hands. He comes straight to the far end of the table and nods slightly.)

^ Prince of Diamonds: How do you do ladies and gentlemen. I’ve come here to tell you, Sire(to King), that I agree to marry that charming daughter of yours.(To Princess) Here is the gift you asked for.(Puts the box in front of her) It’s for keeping things in. Very useful. Pure gold. Made in my kingdom. High quality. No doubt, you’ll like it. As for the details, we’ll discuss financial questions with your father. See you soon. (Bows to King, blows a kiss to Princess and leaves).

Cousin: That’s fantastic!

Princess: Yes, it’s a wonderful box!

Cousin: No, I mean his manners. Of course, you cannot expect much here. He is too rich.

King: Right. The richest in the world. With him you’ll have anything you like.

Princess: Do you really think so, father?

King: Yes, my dear.

Herald: The Prince of hearts.

(Enter the Prince of Hearts, a man poorly dressed, a guitar on his back and a bunch of field flowers in his hand. He puts the flowers on the table, bows low and falls on one knee).

Prince of Hearts: Oh, heavenly lady, the princess of my dreams!

The skies so blue may soon turn grey,
And rose in bloom decays next day.
But love of mine will never fade
For you will shine my prettiest maid.

Princess: What lovely flowers? I’ve never seen anything like them here in the palace.

King: Of course not, because they grow only in the fields. Poor boy! Once his father was rich and there were gold mines in his lands. Now there is nothing left there except flowers. Such a pity. No more precious stones, no gold.

Cousin: But he’s got a heart of gold!

Princess (pensively): And what shall I do with this gift? Gold lasts forever.

Cousin: His love does. And his gift shows the depth of his feelings. Just take it as a sign of his love.

Princess: do you think it’s enough?

King (getting to his feet to Herald): Herald, tell the princes to wait for my daughter’s decision. (Herald leaves).

Princess (to her cousin): First, I’d like to her what you think.

Cousin: I think the Prince of hearts is the best choice. He is so gentle and handsome and his manners are noble. Life in his beautiful kingdom could be very romantic. If I were you…

Princess (interrupting her): Fortunately, you are not. If you want always to diet, I’ll try to persuade the Prince of Hearts to marry you.

King: Oh, dear…

Princess: As for me, I’m not so silly to live in poverty, without all the beautiful things I am used to. I’ve chosen this. (She stands up and takes the golden box from the table.) It is a very large and expensive box, and when I’m married, I’ll get many gifts-rings, bracelets, precious stones-to fill it to the top. So it is the most useful present and I like it the best.


Story-teller: If you think that was a happy end, you make a mistake. The king’s daughter married the Prince of Diamonds but her husband turned out to be a gambler. By and by he lost all his money, his kingdom was ruined and they ended their days in poverty. The cousin married the Prince of Hearts and went to live with him. And it so happened that soon much gold was found in the mines in his kingdom. The Prince of Hearts built a comfortable palace where they lived happily ever after. And here ends the story of the princess and four gifts.

Do you like the play? I’m sure you do. The Princess made a mistake and became un happy. She didn’t make the right choice and ended her days in poverty.

Well. Now I’d like to tell you some words about Valentine Facts and Superstitions.

Сотни лет назад в Англии дети одевались, как взрослые в день Св. Валентина. Они ходили, распевая песни от дома к дому. Одна из таких песенок звучала так:

Good morning to you Valentine,
Curl your locks as I do mine -
Two before and three behind
Good morning to you Valentine.

В Уэльсе вырезались деревянные ложки любви и дарились 14 февраля. Сердца, ключи и замочные скважины были любимыми украшениями на ложках. Многие дарят своим друзьям и возлюбленным сладости. В Северной Америке и Европе шоколадные конфеты продаются в красивых коробках в форме сердца. Некоторые коробки украшены цветами и лентами.

В некоторых странах молодая женщина может получить в подарок отрез ткани от молодого человека. Если она сохранит его, это будет значить, что она выйдет за него замуж.

Некоторые люди верили, что если женщина видела в День Св.Валентина малиновку это означало, что она выйдет замуж за моряка. Если видела воробья, выйдет замуж за бедняка, но будет очень счастлива. А если щегла, то выйдет замуж за миллионера.

А гадать на своих возлюбленных можно целый год. Вы уже знаете, что часто для гадания использовались яблоки. Если вы возьмете черенок от яблока и подбросите его, то в момент падения можно называть имена юношей или девушек. Вы выйдете замуж или женитесь на том, чье имя вы произнесли, когда черенок упал. А разрезав яблоко пополам и, сосчитав количество семечек внутри, вы можете узнать, сколько у вас будет детей.

Об этом может сказать и одуванчик. Когда вы подуете на него, то количество оставшихся семечек укажет на количество детей, которых вы будете иметь.

В День Св. Валентина молодые люди создавали много шума, догоняя друг друга с веревкой в руках. Боли от ударов они не получали, но зато получали огромное удовольствие.

За кого девушка выйдет замуж могут сказать и пуговицы. Если мы их сосчитаем, приговаривая: ^ Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief.

Ну и конечно, несколько слов о Valentine’s box. Этой традиции более 2 тысяч лет. Вытаскивая валентинки из коробки, мы похожи на древних римлян, вытаскивающих имена возлюбленных из сосудов. Как прекрасно думать, как много людей сказали: “Будь моим Валентином”.

Today we are having a special Valentine party. There is no party without games and contests. Let me introduce the participants of our show to you. And this is our honorable jury! Applause, please!

Well, let’s start our contest

Contest 1

The first who gives the answer gets the point.

What is the first name for Valentine’s Day? (Lupercalia. The Romans called it so)

Why is the heart an appropriate symbol for Valentine’s Day? (Symbol of love)

What is the color most often used in valentines? (Red, it is a symbol of warmth and feelings. White is the symbol of purity and is a color often used in valentines)

What are some of the most popular gifts given to loved ones and friends on Valentine’s Day? What feelings do these gifts usually express? (Love, warmth, sincerity)

Well, the 1st contest is over. While our jury is summing the results up, try to make up as many words as possible from the word “Valentines” within 2 minutes.

Contest 2

While the participants are making words from the letters let’s play the game “Who stole my heart?” A child sits with her back to the class. Her hands are holding a paper heart. Another child is chosen to walk up as quickly as he can take the heart. He returns to his seat and puts the heart out of sight. The child in front turns around and says: “Who stole my heart? Was it you…?” She has 3 guesses. If she guesses correctly, she stays in front and plays again. If she does not guess correctly, the person who stole the heart gets to go in front.

Are our boys and girls ready? Yea they are. Let our jury look at their words and choose who has got more points.

Contest 3

Now you are having cards with parts of the sentences. Your task is to connect the right halves. The team who is the first to complete the sentences gets the points.

A part of your body is……………………………………….a heart.

A heart-shaped card is………………………………………a valentine

A man who cared for people is………………………………St.Valentine.

A boy who shoots Arrows is…………………………………Cupid.

A kind of flower is …………………………………………..a rose.

A bunch of flowers is………………………………………...a bouquet.

A friendly look is ……………………………………………a smile.

Used with a bow……………………………………………..an arrow.

A fancy material is……………………………………………lace.

A kind of candy is…………………………………………….chocolates.


We are beginning our grammar competition! You’ll get a card written on Valentine’s Day. Your task is to read the card carefully and find any mistakes there. The first team gets the points.

Deer, Mary,

I hope that Falentine’s Dai will bring you lots ov fun! I thinks you’re extra-specially nice. And so does everyone!

Best wesh,John.

(While they are correcting mistakes other children get together hearts cut into pieces)

Contest 5

And now we’ll see how good you are at Literature and Art. You should match the famous couples.



Rat Buttler







Scarlet O’Hara







John Lennon

Don Hose

Contest 6

A Heart Game. (Три разрезанных сердца, на одной части написан вопрос, на другой ответ.) Connect the answers to the questions correctly.

1. Who is the goddess of love?


2. Who did Cleopatra love?

Mark Anthony

3. Who fall in love with Juliet?


Contest 7

Count the hearts painted in the picture. Who is quicker? Our contest has come to an end. I ask our honorable jury to sum everything up and say whose team is the winner. Our congratulations! All participants may take their seats. Now let’s enjoy ourselves playing some games. To start with guess the puzzle. (На плакате написано стихотворение) Tell the name of the girl.

^ May you answer, “Yes”, my heart

And no longer keep us apart

Remember I love you, dear Valentine

You must be mine as I am thine.

Кто самый умелый и быстрый? Кто быстрее съест яблоко, подвешенное на ниточке?

Кто больше лопнет воздушных шаров, привязанных на ниточках сзади у ребенка?

Распутай путаницу. Дети берутся за руки и, не разжимая рук, меняют местоположение. Водящий должен распутать их.

Отгадай, где сердце. Спрятать сердце под одно из трех ведерок и переставить их местами. Если не угадал, выполни задание:

- Скажи любому поздравление с Днем Св. Валентина.

- Скажи девочке комплимент.

- Сделай красивый реверанс.

5. Кто быстрее найдет в зале как можно больше сердец. Они развешены в качестве украшений.

6. “Найди пару”. Девочки и мальчики получают половинки разрезанных сердец.

Они должны найти свою пару.

Давайте подведем итоги конкурса на лучшую валентинку, который был объявлен раньше.

Сейчас для вас настал еще один приятный сюрприз. Сейчас из Valentine’s Box вы вытащите бумажки с предсказаниями, что вас ожидает в ближайшем будущем. (На бумажках написаны предсказания, типа “Ты встретишь свою будущую любовь в автобусе на следующей неделе”, “Имя человека, которого ты полюбишь, будет состоять из 6 букв” и т. д.)

Наш вечер подходит к концу, но веселье только начинается. Нас ожидает дискотека.

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